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Sabrina von Nessen prepares you for leadership excellence in the digital age. Whether online or offline: The speaker inspires and enthuses so that people take action.

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On these occasions, I am happy to support you with a keynote. Both presence and virtual events or hybrid formats are possible and proven.

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Best practice: If we are going to learn, we learn from the best. Wenn wir schon lernen, dann von den Besten.


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Practical yet scientifically based.

Praxisnahe Einbliclke für nachfolgendende Generationen, weil Führung verpflichtet

Below are some suggested topics. Would you rather have individual content or a combination of the suggested keynotes? Please feel free to contact me.

Digital Future:
Change, New Work & Agility

Human Leadership in the digital age

Why humanity is the number 1 success factor

How New Work can succeed with diversity

Business agility: Learning to learn and welcoming change

Change is the new normal

Entrepreneurial success

If the world's knowledge is organized on the Internet, will artificial intelligence replace humans in the future? If companies are living organisms, who is the heart and brain? We may face a future that will be dominated by technology. All the more, diverse, creative teams are needed for entrepreneurial success and a society worth living in. Give a chance to unconventional free spirits who dare to leave their comfort zone and give up their cherished comfort. Give crises a chance, because only those who fall flat on their face will be extraordinarily successful!

Moderation einer  Tagung zum Thema Digitalisierung und Entrepreneurship der Finanz-Branche

I am convinced that humanity is the future of digitalization, if we succeed in making the leap from lethargy to creativity and innovation. This is exactly where High Performance Leadership comes in.

Sabrina von Nessen

Emotional Leadership:
Human Branding

Does humanity pay off? The sense and nonsense of emotional leadership

From employer branding to an authentic leadership brand

Everyone is the boss: Does holocracy really work?

Professional competence has had its day: Discovering the power of the subconscious with emotional management

Start the Engine!

Get out of lethargy and uniformity: Start the engine! Awaken the potential of your company, your executives and your employees with Human Branding. It's true that technology makes it easier for us to deal with emotions and digital transformation. But because humans are deeply social creatures, virtual habitats will never take center stage. You can take advantage of this.

Sabrina von Nessen auf der Bühne - menschliche, authentische und nahbare Einblicke
Als Moderatorin einer Business Konferenz mit hochrangingen Vertretern der Finanz-Branche
Im Rampenlicht und dennoch nahbar - Sabrina von Nessen im Kontakt mit dem Publikum

Let humanity be our eternal goal.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Leadership Mindset:
With Emotional Intelligence to High Performance

Energetic leadership: inspiring people with enthusiasm
From motivation to self-efficacy

I lead human, not female: on the nonsense of leadership typologies

Quiet in a noisy world: Why introversion can be the key to success

Personality Rules!

Personalities change the world, not business models. Entrepreneurs and leaders who know their "Leading Cause" become unwavering. Self-efficacy conviction is not an ego trip, but the basis for leadership success. Because people are looking for authenticity, for personalities with rough edges that promote personal growth.

Menschlichkeit ist die Zukunft der Digitalisierung, so  der Leitspruch von Sabrina von Nessen

Stop trying and finally get into action. Away from claimlessness, towards high performance. Down with the subjunctive: I will. I will. End of story.

Sabrina von Nessen

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