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I can't do small talk, only real talk.

Sabrina von Nessen

Female Empowerment „Women in Tech“

A passion project, because technology needs diversity.

A book for women who want to make it in a STEM industry, who want to seize their opportunities, to find their way to professional success. The authors share their best tips on how women can turn their passion for cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence and robotics into fulfilling careers. Readers will dive deep into the thoughts and experiences of 25 female experts and find a goldmine of tips and tools to help them on their way to the top. Armed with this clear and concise insider knowledge, he/she will quickly expand his/her own horizons and find his/her true strength.

In Female Empowerment - Women in Tech you will learn:

  • Secrets to empowering your personal development and self-management skills to stand out from the crowd
  • A diverse mix of women leaders and STEM industry experts whose stories will inspire and encourage you on your journey
  • Role models who will show you how to keep the goal in focus and get support from your peers
  • Essential methods for networking with other women and developing your skills and mindset
  • Indispensable advice from experienced female managers, innovative female founders and CEOs, and much, much more!

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Threat or Opportunity?! The future of human-machine interaction

Our future will be shaped by exponential technology. Technological advances will permeate all areas of business, replacing human resources and requiring new skills. But how do humans influence machines and vice versa? Which technologies will shape HR practice and how can you prepare your employees for human-machine interaction today by acquiring the future skills for the digital age?

  • How does the human influence the machine and vice versa and which technologies will shape HR practice?
  • The future of human-machine interaction
  • Future skills for the digital age

I dread the day when technology trumps our humanity. There will be only one generation of idiots left in the world.

Albert Einstein

Habits of Success Anthology

Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestseller

As the world resumes from a year and a half of pandemic disruption, we find ourselves wondering what to do next? Should we go back to normal or move forward to better? How do we maximize our time and efforts to find our most successful selves? What habits will sustain that success the next time our world is shaken up?

You will find these answers reading the brilliant contributors to HABITS OF SUCCESS. This anthology draws wisdom from over forty exceptional leaders, ranging from CEOs to Coaches to world-changers. Habits of Success presents a diverse array of habits that you may choose to suit your concept of success.

Each chapter in Habits of Success will shed light on different methods for acquiring habits and how to utilize them on your path to success:

  • Adopt the habit of understanding what success means to you.
  • Practice the habit of taking risks, knowing when to diverge from the traditional path and experience the life you’ve always wanted to live.
  • Thrive through the habit of adaptation to stay productive even as your world turns completely upside down.
  • Develop daily habits of planning to improve collaborations with yourself, your coworkers, and your family.
  • Embrace the habit of renewal as you evolve into this next chapter of life.

As the world restarts, take this opportunity to assess the path you are on. Are you taking the most efficient path? How certain are you that success awaits and the end of this journey?

Motivate yourself, otherwise no one will do it!

Success factors of employee motivation

The question of whether and how to motivate employees is a central challenge of employee management. Of course, we all want highly trained, committed, enthusiastic employees who show full commitment and deliver the best results. Attracting and retaining these A-list employees is the focus of many success stories. Many myths surround the philosopher's stones - found by more or less trustworthy gurus.

So let's look together at how motivation arises and what influence the leader can exert. In doing so, we will also shed light on the limits of what is possible, because even as leaders and entrepreneurs we (unfortunately) cannot perform magic.

Anthology "Push Up Your Business"

Business Knowledge Success - Publication date 2021

Push Up Your Business" is a comprehensive guide for founders & self-employed. 16 successful entrepreneurs share their experiences and insights to business startups & solopreneurs.

The chapter by Sabrina von Nessen deals with the topic of personal branding.

How unique are you and what do you need to be successful through strong personal branding? Because you can achieve visibility, reach and expert status with a personal brand.

This article addresses the questions:

  • Why personal branding is relevant for you, too
  • The essence of the personal brand
  • Your message is in demand!
  • Away from rationality
  • The icing on the cake: the packaging
  • Communication channels and tools
  • The ifs and buts of your visibility

Coming Soon

Your personality, experiences, beliefs and values + your rational and emotional message to the target audience = your visibility and the public's evaluation AND THEREFORE your expert status = your personal brand.

Sabrina von Nessen

Future Leadership Skills


As the world of work changes at an ever faster and more intense pace, can leadership remain what it was? What insights from long-established leadership research remain relevant, and what skills can we learn anew in the new normal? If technology has an ever greater influence, then human strengths such as communication, empowerment and inclusion may be all the more pronounced. We want to address these aspects and questions around the leadership skills of the future.

Expert anthology: Mindset tips for entrepreneurs

Inspirations for entrepreneurs, executives and self-employed, publication date 2021

60 entrepreneurs share their best tips on mindset, goals, sales, responsibility, values and freedom. This collection of inspirations for entrepreneurs, executives and the self-employed takes an equally comprehensive and in-depth look at entrepreneurial challenges and potential for success.

In her contribution, Sabrina von Nessen clears up the mystery of goals. You may also be familiar with this: when visions are translated into annual, monthly and weekly goals and relegated to checklists, our motivation and enthusiasm all too quickly fall by the wayside. So why not dream big instead of chasing small goals!!!

A call for more entrepreneurship in both private and professional matters. For visions that are put into practice and thus change the world.

Coming Soon

Do you have big plans? Do you want to start a charity project or grow your business to seven figures? Not just for the money, but to give your life substance and meaning again? Welcome to the club of big dreamers.

Sabrina von Nessen

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